Best Friend Apparel is a lifestyle brand developed by dog owners, for dog owners.  Best Friend Apparel was launched in 2017 with the creation of the Walkease gloves.  As fellow dog owners we all know how easy it is to spoil our little fur babies.  Well, at Best Friend Apparel we feel as though you deserve it too.  Our little furry friends would want it that way!  What separates us from other pet products is that we cater to you as dog owners and we don't sacrifice style, quality and comfort for functionality.  Best Friend Apparel products are designed fur any occasion.  Whether that be on a cold winter walk with your pup, or enjoying an evening out with friends.  We've got got you covered. 
**We never use any animal derived materials such as leather, fur or down.

Everything we do at Best Friend Apparel is guided by the following four principles: